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Wireless Solutions for Pretoria Companies of All Sizes. Flexibility and mobility are key traits of a successful business. That and the increase in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) demand have made wireless technologies a must-have in any South African office.

At Mvulatech, we understand that every business is unique, with unique needs. So we strive to provide you with tailor-made wireless solutions that help empower your company with the right tools for success.

Cloud Technology


Do you and your staff travel a lot?

Do you have more than one office location?

Does your staff rely heavily on sharing documents and files?

Exchanging countless emails just to get that one document can be strenuous. Especially for sales people who are in the field most of the time and can’t access your local network.

This is where our cloud technology comes into play. Some of its benefits:

All your data is stored in the cloud, on the Internet, instead of hard drives.
You can access files from anywhere in the world.
Your sales reps and field technicians can access data sheets and presentation wherever they are.
Secure connection and storage. A lost laptop can cost a lot more than its store value if sensitive information is stored on it. With cloud technologies, you can access and wipe it remotely.
No hardware to deposit and maintain – lower costs for your business. The servers are off-premise and out of your hair.
Increased collaboration: your team is able to collaborate on documents easier and never lose sight of version control. Together, they work better and faster!
Scalability at your fingertips: you can get extra space with a single click; you don’t have to buy extra hardware.
Disaster recovery solutions without investing large sums up-front.

Corporate Cloud Solutions for South African Companies

Mvulatech is the preferred supplier of professional wireless solutions to the South African corporate sector. Our service is designed to meet all your business’ requirements and integrate seamlessly with your existing technologies.

Mvulatech’s corporate cloud solutions help you:

  • Leverage all the benefits of mobile computing through the state of the art systems we install.
  • Automatically identify a user and their specific requirement.
  • Have an extra-secure network: our system constantly monitors external activity.
  • Enjoy a stable environment that unifies wired and wireless segments of the LAN.
  • Get a network that grows along with your business: no extra hardware or costly modifications when more users are brought online.

Wireless Network Installation Services for Gauteng Companies

Need a Wi-Fi network that covers your entire building without compromising speed? Mvulatech conducts wireless surveys and works within any budget to find a plan which is both affordable and effective.

Wireless network installation can be easily done within a small flat. But when it comes to large office buildings, with hundreds if not thousands of users, things get complicated.

In order to ensure excellent coverage and high speed, our skilled engineers and technicians place routers in strategic locations and avoid dead zones or ineffective overlapping signals. Our surveys and solutions are entirely custom-made to fit your needs:

  • We take the size and specs of your building into account.
  • Every wireless network installation is done with scalability in mind: when your business grows, you will be able to easily add more users without incurring high costs.
  • We recommend the routers that are the best fit for your Pretoria office, always looking for the best price-quality ratio. Selecting the right router is of the utmost importance: its “quality” is translated in coverage, durability and sturdiness, all of which are important for protecting your investment.
  • We recommend the ideal Wi-Fi standard. Four different Wi-Fi standards are commonly used today: 802-11a, 802-11b, 802-11g and 802-11n. There are, of course, different pros and cons specific to each standard that should be considered when setting up a network.

Instead of relying on a computer wireless survey, which cannot take into account all the variables of your business and your environment, allow Mvulatech’s professionals to conduct this survey on-site.

We offer FREE, no-obligations consultations and surveys. All you have to do is pick up the phone, call us at (+27) 12 329 6338 and our team of professionals will come to your Pretoria office at your earliest convenience.

After the on-site survey, we will provide you with a detailed list of recommendations on moving forward. Our recommendations for wireless networks installation take into account your business needs, your budget and your long-term plans – all our work is future-proof and done with your growth in mind!

We also specialise in outdoor wireless installations.

Why Work with Mvulatech on all Your Wireless Solutions

  • We work with the best and so should you! We have certified installers with Meraki, Ubiquiti, and Ruckus — the world’s leading wireless equipment providers.
  • We have more than 17 years of experience in endowing Gauteng companies just like yours with the technologies they need to succeed.
  • We have worked with companies in all industries: corporate, SME, outdoors, leisure, education, hospitality, education, sport, and many more.
  • We provide stellar customer experience: emergency repairs, sales inquiries, maintenance contracts – all of them are tackled with as soon as possible, sometimes in less than 24 hours.
  • We always work with your bottom line in mind: scalability, affordability, and performance are the three pillars on which all our services are built.

Catering to all business and organisation sizes and types

Whether you run a small startup or a huge corporation, we can help you with the most suitable wireless solution. Protect your investment and work with the best!
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